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Medical and life complexities

Well, things got rather complex and a bit stressful at the beginning of the week. I got a call from the diagnostic place needing to change my appointment for my mamigram and ultrasound that I had scheduled for Monday afternoon. As a direct result though, I was able to make it with no problem, other than my husband having to take off from work early to drive me, to my pulmonologist appointment. After talking to my pulmonologist about the allergy test results and how I am still not doing well he decided to add a new inhaler. He also prescribed an Epy Pen for me. So I guess I get to start carrying that around with me now. Maybe I’ll have to actually start carrying a purse, which I’ve never liked doing because I forget them everywhere!
My new mamigram and ultrasound appointments are for Thursday afternoon. I just need to see if I can find a friend who will be available to drive me, so that my husband doesn’t have to take more time off of work again this week. Especially as he missed work this morning, because of car trouble.
That is one of the other complications of this week. Yesterday he had to take the car in to get fixed after work. But the place he took it coulden’t get to it until this morning. But now it’s fixed. They even gave us a slight discount on it, thankfully, because we really don’t have any extra money. My prescriptions are far from cheep, and the only medical insurance we have is Medicaid, with a spend down which I hit every month, but we have trouble actually paying for. Thankfully our farm assist always finds any discounts he can to help us out since he knows our situation. So adding two new prescriptions to fill, plus car repairs to pay for I was really worried about how we would do it. Thankfully the car didn’t cost as much as we were afraid it would, but we were only able to pay for one of the prescriptions at the moment. We will have to get the Epi Pen next week, but I got the new inhaler, which will help right now, and was needed more emidiatly.
So, thankfully things have worked out and everything has gotten taken care of as it somehow always does. 🙂


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