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Still no news!

Well, I called my primary care doctor this afternoon, and still haven’t heard back fromhim. It really would have been nice if I could have heard back today so I could find out if he would refill my cough medicine script for me or not… I also need to see about making an appointment with him. I’m feeling worse today than I did yesterday, which is a move in the wrong direction. Which is why I called my pulmonologist’s office this morning, only to find out that he is not in the office all week, but I can make an appointment to see him next week, if I think I need to. Which is why I ended up calling my primary care doctor again.
I am needing my rescue inhaler and nebulizer more often again, and they are just not helping very much. I had been slowly starting to feel better, but today seems to be a bit of a slide back downhill again. So I won’t be going out anywhere, that’s for sure! I missed class again today as well. I also haven’t heard back from my instructors yet after the messages I left for them last Wednesday, just before the Thanksgiving break. My ODR (Office of Disability Resources) advisor said I should call him mid-week this week if I haven’t heard back from them. I will wait and see what happens tomorrow, but it’s looking like I will have to call him on Wednesday after all.
I’m wondering if I spent to much time in the livingroom laying on the couch this weekend, and not enough time laying in bed… But my mother-in-law was visiting for a couple of days, so I wanted to try and socialize with the family, at least a bit. But now my chest, around my lungs, is very soar, and all the chest tighteness is coming back that I had just before going into the hospital back on Nov. 21st. I guess the doctors keep thinking they are making me better or something, but it just isn’t working yet! 😦