Good morning World!

I thought that I should make my first post a mini bio just in case anyone stumbles across my blog who doesn’t know me. I’m a Mom of two, a college student and blind. I have an awesome guide dog, a husband who is a singer-song writer, a son in his schools marching band and jazz band, and a mostly sweet little girl. I’m going to school for a Bachelors degree in Paralegal Studies, though I have thought about going to law school after getting my current degree. I’ve been playing the guitar for a year, and sing backup vocals in my family band, when my asthma isn’t acting up to badly. 😦
Currently my asthma is the worst it’s ever been. I may even have to take next semester off of school. I’m starting this blog so that I will have a place for family and friends to read about stuff like my health updates, and so that I can have a place to share all the stuff I love. Like my knitting, music, insperation that I find from being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS or Mormon) and my thoughts on polotics, coping with teenagers, and whatever else I feel the urge to write about, or am asked about. This blog will have a focus, what’s going on in my life, mostly. But as I have so many passions and interests, it will likely have something of interest for lots of different people.
I think this could be a fun adventure, so come back more and read and comment on my posts. Lets have fun! 🙂